Autumn Paige

Estacado's Autumn Paige


Co-Most Valuable Players

Abby Benitez, Snyder

Ryen Terrazas, Big Spring

Offensive Most Valuable Player

Joanie Burns, Snyder

Defensive Most Valuable Player

Aaliyah Braziel, Snyder

Co-Setters of the Year

Kalyn Whitehead, Big Spring

Kaylee Barry, Levelland

Newcomer of the Year

Avery Bierra, Sweetwater

Coach of the Year

Mindi Bredemeyer, Snyder


Brooklyn Hyatt, Big Spring

Autumn Paige

Estacado's Autumn Paige

Gissele Holguin, Big Spring

Autumn Paige, Estacado

Brandy Coward, San Angelo Lake View

Chloe Constantino, Levelland

Cailee Miller, Levelland

Alanna Worley, Levelland

Reagan Ladadie, Levelland

Myla Braziel, Snyder

Bethany Avalos, Snyder

Jazzane Potts, Sweetwater

Paris Houston, Sweetwater

Ashtyn Paige

Estacado's Ashtyn Paige


Kortney Moore, Big Spring

Ashtyn Paige head shot

Ashtyn Paige

Tristan Smith, Big Spring

Ashtyn Paige, Estacado

Mikaila Wagner, San Angelo Lake View

Emily O’Donnell, San Angelo Lake View

Madison Martin, Levelland

Chloe Carpenter, Levelland

Allie Gullett, Snyder

Alexandrea Salinas, Snyder

Amy Martinez, Snyder

Shelby Dent, Sweetwater

Lauren Biera, Sweetwater


Big Spring -- Mya Blanco

Estacado -- Hannah Gonzales, Narriah Gomez, Annie Thomas

San Angelo Lake View -- Emma Guevera, Jazmyne Flores, Alexandria Flores

Levelland -- Jaycee Flores, Kadi Salinas, Makalyn Guillen, McKenna Ruiz

Snyder -- Jessalyann Hardin, Shelby Salinas, Jada James

Sweetwater -- Claire Paty, Addison Paige, Elonna Jennings, Trinity McGee, Hilary Flores, Toreyana Saddler