HCP ad

Sports around the world at a standstill right now as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but it is our goal at HubCityPreps.com to keep chugging along and telling stories about the wonderful athletes, coaches, and programs around Lubbock. When whatever the new normal is going to be sets in, we intend to be there full force to chronicle the games, events and achievements like we have been since the site launched 15 months ago.

To keep the train on the tracks and moving in the right direction, we are seeking sponsorship from anyone interested in helping a small business remain viable in these trying times.

Various packages are available for businesses interested in partnering and there are also PayPal and Venmo options for anyone interested in chipping in. Please contact via HubCityPreps@gmail.com if you would like information on either of those options.

Eventually, some sort of normal will kick in and sports will be back. Anything you can do to assure that HubCityPreps.com remains part of the landscape is greatly appreciated.

Thanks -- Randy Rosetta, Editor & Publisher